BluVault:For Endpoint Data Backup

Everyday, more and more organizations are opting for cloud storage as a repository of backups. With a wide array of devices connecting to cloud environments, setting up data protection measures for storage and backup becomes critical.BluVault ensures safe backup to cloud storage environments by securing data both while in transit and at rest. It protects the privacy and integrity of an organization’s data traveling between the enterprise and the cloud, by way of robust encryption and clear segregation of duties.Data secured by BluVault is encrypted with modules that meet the most stringent regulatory requirements, including GDPR. What’s more, YOU (the organization), retains control over the encryption keys and have complete flexibility and control over how and where your data is secured.Apart from protecting and safeguarding data from loss, misuse, and unauthorized alteration, BluVault is built to deliver complete control over the data protection process with detailed reporting, alerting and audit logs.

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